“Galeb” trailers is a brand name with quality and market approach for the leadership position in the Balkans.

The trailers possess remarkable charateristics, which resulted from expertly calculated mass distribution on the trailer, wheel axle position, pull pole length, so that the tow hook pressure at maximum burden is very low; that makes our trailers distinctly easy to pull.

Trailer quality is very high because all built-in parts come from “KNOTT Gmbh” (leading German Trailer parts production enterprise), which makes “Galeb” trailer safe, reliable and dependable in traffic.

All trailers possess car makers’ certificate and international identification code.

Each trailer has a chasis with an identification number in 3, 4 or 5mm thick sheet-metal profile. We use warm-rolled construction steel with 0, 13 to 0, 2% silicium for better quality galvanizing which protects the material from climate changes for at least 20 years.

The sides are made from 1, 5mm thick cold-rolled sheet-metal profile (the same as chasis material), 1, 25mm gelvanized sheet-metal with laminate added in super light models, as well as aluminium profile in professional trailers.

We use modern suspension-torsion chasis with elastic rubber insertions plus damper-a guarantee of extreme stability in all driving conditions.

The floor was made from 12-18mm thick plywood, with birch layers for thickness, elasticity and material lightness.

Prikolice Galeb
Prikolice Galeb
Prikolice Galeb
Prikolice Galeb
Prikolice Galeb

Electric installation and lights are completely in accordance with European standards.
Metal bars height and tarpaulin shape are made at the costumers’ request.

All car trailer variants missing are under construction.

Apart from all mentioned, we can make trailers at special requests.
Many years of research and engineering experts work, led by the owner of this firm, resulted in all available car trailers.

Family tradition in engineering leaves a unique mark in this business.


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